Hi, thanks for checking out KFJC Liker!


If you're reading this I probably don't have to tell you about KFJC, but if it's new to you just know that it's a great college (terrestrial and online) radio station. I listen to them a lot, particularly while working-- I'm listening as I write this as a matter of fact. Oftentimes I will hear something cool or interesting and want to make a note of it, but there hasn't been a great way to do this:

In any case it turns out that it's really easy to grab the song info and stick it in a database, which is all KFJC Liker really does. If you have that it's very easy to then figure out which playlist to consult to verify the info is correct or read a review by a DJ, provided there is one. It also displays all the songs you have liked with their timestamps and DJ info in a nice table. It also makes it much easier to bring a list when you go record shopping, which was sort of the whole point of the thing to begin with.



So I wrote KFJC Liker mainly for myself which is why you're not actually looking at it right now, and I really don't know if anyone else would want to use it. If you do, drop me a line! I can't promise anything but I may try to figure out how to make it multi-user, which it isn't right now.

You can check out what I have liked though, if you're curious.

Likewise if you just want to look at the code to help me improve it or install it on your own server or whatever, let me know and I will look into putting it into a Git repository somewhere.

If you are a KFJC DJ and/or staffer and have comments, suggestions, or requirements for me, also please let me know. I tried as much as possible to be respectful of KFJC's resources (bandwidth etc), but maybe I'm missing something.

Since we're in the requests section right now I am also going to respectfully request that you support KFJC! And maybe DNA Lounge too while you're at it.

Are you a clever person? Maybe you have a better name than "KFJC Liker"? I have to admit being kind of fond of the current name though, because it describes both me and what it does. Also it seems to have the #kfjcliker hashtag all to itself at the moment.

Future plans

Figure out how to like songs from the past, eg if you are listening to an archived show

Fail more gracefully if song info is not available

Rewrite in Python?

Improve tweeting/tooting

Figure out a better way to determine current playlist number

Add a "queue for download" or "flag for download" to get the show once it hits the archives

Records purchased at least in part thanks to KFJC Liker